Total AV Review

For an antivirus as new as Total AV, it has performed quite well for the users offering them a fully-featured antivirus program that has a lot to offer. It has a free as well as a paid version that users can choose from depending upon their requirements. The Total AV antivirus uses very little resources from your computers processing power and is compatible with all of the major operating systems.

Being said that, the antivirus solution is affordable and is being sold at a very competitive price. Details about the pricing will be discussed in the latter half of this Total AV Review. Users can also avail the different promotional offers that the company runs pretty often in order to attract new customers.

In addition to the free version of the software, the company offers three different solutions which include Ultimate, Pro and Essential. All of these options come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The software solution consists of various differentiating features from its competitors in the market, including VPN (Virtual Private Network).

In this Total AV review, we will speak about the installation process, user interface, feature offerings, pricing, security and customer support. Let us review the antivirus into more detail and see how it performs in each one of these aspects listed above.

1. Installation of Total AV Antivirus

The installation process involved with Total AV Antivirus can be a bit annoying and tedious, especially for privacy-concerned users. The company asks its users to create an account on their platform in order for them to be able to download the free version of the security solution.

Yes, many of the other companies also ask for account information, but that is for the paid version. For free, getting account information feels a bit unnecessary.

As compared to the other antivirus solutions like Avast and Bitdefender, the installation time required for Total AV is a bit longer. It first updates all of the virus definitions on your system and then begins with the installation process. Being said that, you will have to wait a bit longer to get the installation process completed.

However, once the program has been successfully installed onto your personal computer, it silently runs in the background and does not require much of your system’s resources. It maintains a low profile and ensures that you get the maximum amount of CPU and RAM power.

2. User Interface of Total AV

Total AV has a simple user interface and a straightforward navigation menu. The interface has four big tiles on the home screen which can be used to perform a virus scan and/or other as per your requirements. You do not need to have any kind of technical knowledge to run the antivirus solution on your personal computer.

Being said that, the interface is so simple that even a non-techie individual can get a grasp of the software within a few days. You will be able to understand all the necessary application that comes along with the software and the way they can be used, in order to protect you and your device from various online threats.

3. The Total AV Features Offering

Each of the three different packages offered by Total AV has a wide range of feature offerings. However, all of them provide some common features to their users, which include – firewall protection, protection against phishing scams, viruses, malware, Trojans, adware, and real-time antivirus protection.

As seen above, the user interface of the software is sleek and clean, making it fairly easy to use. You can access all of the above-discussed features quite easily through the home screen or the navigation menu. However, the free antivirus version of Total AV does not provide access to real-time protection.

Being said that, the free version will only be able to detect the malware when you are actively running a scan on your personal computer. As a result of which, there is a possibility that the malware would run itself on your device for hours, maybe days before it gets detected.

Being said that, Total AV free version is not as good as some of the other versions of the antivirus solution available in the market at present. Some of the other options provide much better features in comparison to the Total AV free version.

The paid version, on the other hand, offers a considerable amount of security that makes you feel more protected on the internet and ensures your privacy is intact all the time. Some of the additional web security features that the paid versions provide are safe browsing, identity protection, web shield, smart scan, and ad block pro.

1. Safe Browsing (VPN)

The built-in VPN functionality allows the user to connect to numerous servers around the world and get access to their favorite content that has geolocation restrictions on it. Connecting to the server is easy and can be done very conveniently. However, it is important to note that access to safe browsing or VPN features are not available with the free version.

Users can either buy it separately for an additional $39 per year or can get access to it with the Pro package of the Total AV Antivirus. It also not available with the Essential Antivirus Package.

2. Web Shield

The web shield feature offered by AV is also decent enough when it comes to protection against phishing scams on the internet. The antivirus with the web shield feature activated on it blocks any suspicious website that is directed towards stealing your personal information. Users can get access to protection against phishing websites with the free version as well. The overall performance of the web shield is good.

3. Identity Protection

The purpose of identity protection feature ensures that identity is safe on the internet and thus scans the entire internet to check the dark web and or any other website where your sensitive information could be sold, including debit and credit card details. However, the feature comes with a heavy price tag with $80 per year.

4. Smart Scan

Another excellent feature that Total AV offers to its users is – Smart Scan. It allows the users to directly scan those files that are most likely to be infected by malware as opposed to the full scan functionality. A full scan can be a long and time-consuming process, whereas using the smart scan option, users can get through the scanning process rather quickly and effectively.

5. AdBlock Pro

Lastly, the Total AV software comes with ad block pro feature that ensures you have a safe and uninterrupted browsing experience on the internet. It blocks annoying ads on the internet and can be accessed with the paid version, or bought separately at $24 per year.

Total AV Pricing 

The antivirus solution offers a free version that comes with a 30-day trial. However, in addition to this, it also offers three other paid version that offers varying features and can be selected based upon individual requirements. Let us see each of these into more detail separately.

1. Essential Antivirus

This package comes with a license for one device that can be used for protection against spyware, malware, viruses, Trojans, adware, identity theft, phishing scams, and real-time protection. The yearly subscription of this package can be availed at $99.95. However, since the company is running many promotional offers, new users can get access to this package at a much-reduced price.

2. Pro Antivirus

In addition to all of the features offered with Essential Antivirus, the Pro version of Total AV security solution also offers system boot features. Using this feature, users can increase their system performance. Also, this version provides a feature that deletes the redundant files from the users’ device. It is priced at $119.95 per year. It can be used on up to 3 devices at a time.

3. Ultimate Antivirus

The Ultimate Antivirus can be used for up to 5 devices at a time and provides all of the features as discussed above in Pro and Essential Antivirus Solution. In addition to those features, it also offers browser cleaner, firewall protection and optimization tools to increase the performance of your system. All of the above options come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and 24×7 consistent customer support.

Operating Systems

One of the major reasons as to why Total AV has been downloaded over 8,000,000 times all around the globe, is its cross-platform compatibility. Regardless of which devices you use, mobile, laptops and personal computer – it works efficiently all of them. Some of the major platforms that are working on are – Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS.

Customer Support

Customer is loyal to Total AV once they start using the service. This is for several reasons, like great feature offerings, excellent promotional offers, and fantastic customer support. The company offers technical as well as non-technical support to its customers from all over the world. These services can be availed through email, chat service on the website and through telephone.

In addition to this, consumers can also access the company website in order to get their questions answered through the FAQ page. It has all the necessary information relating to installation, pricing, and refunds.

The website also contains resources on mobile tutorials, account section, installation on each specific platform and device and assistance with billings. They have a troubleshooting guide in order to help their customers. The company also provides video guidance on resetting their passwords, providing information on viruses and how to overcome any installation difficult during the process.

All of their customer support executives are well behaved and knowledge and assist in getting the problem to solve as quickly as possible. Users can get in touch with them very easily and quickly using one of the mediums listed above. In addition to this, there are numerous different chat and discussion forums available online that help users with any problem that they might have.

Upgrade Pop-Ups

If you are someone who is using the free version of the antivirus solution, most of the time whenever you will complete a task, like scanning, you will receive pop-up windows displaying upgrade to a new paid version message.

This can be quite annoying and cumbersome every time. As a result of which users can get frustrated pretty quickly. The pop windows are large and huge and almost take up ¾ of your screen size, making them hard to miss.

Pros of Total AV

1. Yes, the number of feature offering in the free version is quite limited, yet it offers excellent performance if your antivirus requirements are basic.

2. It provides features like System Boost and Cleanup that ensures your computer is in good condition all the time.

3. It regularly looks for duplicate and redundant data and deletes them automatically to improve performance and space.

Cons of Total AV

1. The web shield feature of the Total AV paid version only works with Chrome and Firefox browser.

2. At most, the security solution can be used on up to 5 devices which is less as compared to some of its other rivals.

3. There is still a certain number of features that are not available with Total AV and are offered by its competitors at almost the same price.

Final Thoughts

As an antivirus Total AV is more than capable to deal with the increasing number of threats online and is also capable to protect your personal and sensitive information on the internet. And as more and more number of people have started using their mobile devices, total AV has expanded its reach to support mobile phones as well.

Being a cross-platform software, the antivirus solution can be used for the different operating systems. And this is one of the key reasons, as to why it had more than 8,000,000 times downloads around the world in such a short period of time.

With three different pricing options, you can choose the one that best suits your requirements based upon the different feature offerings listed in each of the three sections. If you only need the basic functionality you can even go for the free version that can be used for up to 30 days without paying anything.

And after 30 days, if you think the solution is good, you can choose any of the paid versions as per your budget. In all, with great features and customer support, Total AV is a good option that users can make use of in order to protect their online identity and keep themselves protected from the numerous different threats lurking around on the internet.

The ease of use and competitive pricing certainly makes it an option worth considering and using as your next antivirus solution.

Let us know what you think about the Total AV Antivirus solution and how well it protected your device and identity if you are one of those active users of the Total AV service. If you need any more detail and have further questions, you can let us know through the comment section below.