Best Android antivirus app 2021

Mobile devices are just as prone to the threat of viruses and cybercriminals as desktop computers, especially Android users. Dangers lurk at every turn, be it an unreliable website or insecure shared networks. Even trusted app download sources (Playmarket) can contain infected apps. That’s why it’s so important to think about securing your mobile from external pests and install reliable anti-virus software. In this article, we will tell you about the best ones.

Avast Mobile Security Review

Avast is quite famous not only within computer antivirus, but the company also has a great offering for mobile devices. The main beauty is that it is accessible to everyone, the free version of avast reliably protects a lot of android users around the world.

What is incorporated in the freeware version’s features of Avast for android?

  • Regularly scanning and monitoring your system for threats
  • Phone call filtering feature to help get rid of annoying callers
  • Avast’s Wi-Fi security check helps you determine if it’s safe to use your network
  • Collection of anti-theft tools that let you remotely remove or block access to your data
  • Stalker detection feature

Of course, like all free applications, Avast has ads, and if you are a fierce opponent of annoying ads, you can get rid of them for a small fee. If you buy a premium version or any other product, you can use the avast voucher code for android free which will give you a significant discount.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Review

The app is extremely easy to use, provides you with all your basic phone protection needs including cloud scanning. The main feature of this product is that it does not take up much space, it is not constantly active, and you only turn it on when you need it.

There is also Bitdefender Mobile Security which provides a paid service but offers a free trial period. In addition to scanning, it includes theft protection, live defense and confidentiality counselor features.

AVG AntiVirus for Android Review

AVG AntiVirus in mobile version offers a full range of necessary facilities and equipment to successfully protect your Android which include:

  • Theft protection tools along with the use of Google Maps to track your phone
  • Remote data deletion, audio or video recording of the thief, and siren activation

You can freely try them all on your device for 14 days for free. Other additional antivirus features include wi-fi network security checks and improving your battery performance. It works in a way that eliminates processes you don’t currently need that are wasting your battery life. It also detects stalker software. AVG even offers its VPN to keep you private online and block calls.

McAfee Mobile Security Review

The McAfee mobile app has quite powerful features in both the free version and the paid services.

In the free version, the antivirus offers you:

  • System and network scanning
  • Special privacy scanning functions that enable you to keep track of the volume of private information your applications send and receive
  • Anti-theft functions which let you identify the current whereabouts of your smartphone and block it
  • Battery and memory enhancements for your phone
  • Check the network wi-fi too which you want to connect

Of the disadvantages of the free app – the presence of ads

In the paid version you will have the above-mentioned features and much more, such as protection from phishing sites and automatic backups, as well as the guest mode and responsive customer support. There are no ads in this case.

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