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The effective way to get started with a Virtual Data Room

Today, information is becoming the most important strategic resource. Therefore, it is very important to provide a secure environment for your data with the help of the Virtual Data Room.

Virtual Data Room as a secure data repository 

Information security in the field of modern information technologies is an integral part of the subject of economic relations. This is primarily due to the fact that the number of information attacks is increasing every year around the world. For many companies, it is important not only to protect their local networks and information resources from outside intrusion but also to organize reliable, secure systems of interaction with departments via the Internet. The problems of e-commerce are also waiting for their solution, where without the use of special tools for information security and confidentiality of transactions it is impossible to use them on a large scale.

Today, if you are undoubtedly thinking of sharing protected information, then you should think about the Virtual Data Room service . You can trust the confidentiality of your data when it is stored in VDR.

Data Room is a special database, which is designed to store in a consistent form of historical information coming from different operating systems and external sources. The concept of the data repository is based on the distribution of information used in online data processing systems and decision support systems.

The main purpose of creating a Data Room is to make all business-relevant data available in a standardized form suitable for analysis and obtaining the necessary reports. To achieve this, you need to obtain data from existing internal and external, computer-accessible sources.

There are certain requirements for information systems, namely: functional completeness; reliability of the information, the components of which are relevance, tolerance, representativeness; ensuring reliable information protection; integrity; relevance, reliability.

Digital Data Room performs the following functions:

â—    collection and aggregation of data on the business object and business process in a consistent, unified, and convenient form for use in management analysis;

â—    coordinated (integrated) data storage in a single corporate repository;

â—    periodic archiving of data, availability of archival data only for reading;

â—    support of chronology and appropriate data structure for a long period; providing summary information about business facilities and business processes in a detailed and aggregated form.

What are the advantages of the service?

Among the benefits of using VDR, the following points can be defined:

â—    security – thanks to the use of virtualization, modern security systems, and constant monitoring of professionals, a high level of security and storage of customer data in the Data Room is guaranteed

â—    reliability and high level of availability – the supplier cloud services ensures the round-the-clock operation of virtual machines and guarantees their availability;

â—    business continuity – cloud systems are built according to the key principles of reliability, which guarantees business continuity and availability of customer services;

â—    scalability or flexibility – the user in moderation needs to be able to increase or decrease the number of resources used at any time. It automatically allocates and releases the necessary resources depending on the needs of the application. 

â—    remote access to data in the Data Room – you can work from anywhere on the planet where there is access to the Internet. 

â—    the service provides users with instant access to a wide range of resources and applications hosted in the infrastructure of another organization through the web service interface;

â—    no capital costs – the user does not need to purchase equipment, software and invest in administration – it receives a ready-made service with the necessary parameters.


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